My Boyfriend wants me to be his porn star

Finding what I call a normal guy is not that easy when you work for Barbican escorts or any other London escort agency for that matter. Since I started to work in the adult entertainment industry in London, I have had a really hard time meeting the right kind of guy. A couple of weeks ago I met this really nice guy, and I thought things were going to work out. It turned out that he had a serious porn addiction and it had taken over his life.


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I was having a night off from Barbican escorts when I met Joe. He was hanging on the bar in a club that I go to a lot. I had only just sat down waiting to be served when he asked me if he could buy me a drink. The guys that I normally meet at the club are nice so I could not see the harm in it. We ended up chatting for a couple of hours and agreed to see each other again. Joe said that he loved to cook and was going to invite me around for dinner.

A couple of days later I got a call from Joe as I was finishing the early evening shift at Barbican escorts. He said that he had just been shopping and asked if I wanted to come around. As I was really starving and had enjoyed his company, I said yes almost straight away. It could not possible be that bad. When I came around to Joe’s place, I noticed that he had pornographic art on all of the walls and even some great murals of people having sex. It spooked me a bit but I thought what the heck.

Half an hour later I sat down with Joe to enjoy a meal. The food looked really nice and we were eating in his living room which had a small table in it. Joe asked me if I minded the TV on it while we ate. I was used to saying yes to my dates at Barbican escorts so I said yes to Joe. After having sat down by the table, I noticed that Joe had a porno running. The couple on screen were busy sexing each other, and Joe asked me if I liked that. I told him that it was a rather weird thing to watch when you were having dinner. He just laughed.

After a glass of wine, Joe started to tell me about his life ambition. He wanted to travel to the US and make up one part of a “porn couple” he said. I asked him want he meant by that and he wanted to be a porn star with his own girlfriend. In other words, he was looking for a guy that he could make pornos with and sell them to others. A few of the girls at Barbican escorts have tried to make it big within porn but not really managed. I started to feel a bit creepy and Joe noticed. He started to talk about something else instead. We did end up spending some time together, but Joe is certainly not the sort of guy I would call a long term boyfriend. I have no intention of becoming a porn star in Los Angeles.